by Megaphones

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released January 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Megaphones Cologne, Germany

Inspired by riot grrrl and sparked off by a DIY-mood at the ladyfest Aachen, Megaphones got started. With neither a set concept nor experience, but with drums, a guitar, a mikrokorg and a pink megaphone, the trio created a distinct and rousing lo-fi punk sound. Their lack of perfection is overpowered by an energetic stage presence, creativity und an up-front feminist attitude. ... more

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Track Name: Hate Us
You think something's weird here. I say something's queer here.
You say I'm prude, and also rude.
You think I'm frustrated, I think I just made it:
Not to be rated, but to be hated!

Let's make them hate us!

I'm not too big, I'm not too strong!
I'm not too loud, I'm not too proud!
My skirt's not too short, my pant's not too loose!
I'm not your baby, I'm just not your baby!

We're not your baby!

Hey little boy, come home with me!
I will make you cry I will make you sigh.
I will break you down, I will take you high,
I will show you, what I'm up to!

Let's show them, what we're up to!

We're not what you want, but we're what you get!
We don't talk when we're spoken to!
We shout it out, 'cause it's time to!
I hope you can see, that we are not your phantasy!

We're not your phantasy!
Track Name: Grey Pullover
When I hear you talk today
About who you love and why you stay
You sound like one of those Barbie-Zombies
My rebel girl is down on her knees!

What happened to our drunken poetry?
Our lives on the run and the nights by the fire?
To the girl who kicked in doors and yelled at strangers?
And who told me, that we can change stuff?

Please don't wear that grey pullover
It says I was wild but now I'm older
It says I do care what they're thinking
'cause I choose their way of living

Is that the way it's gonna be?
That everyone's growing up but me?
But you're not growing you just gave up!
For a life that is just fucked up!

You want a job 9 to 5
And a machoman in your life
And no wrinkles on your face
And no politics in your space
And no fat on your hips
Shut up can't hear that bullshit!
Track Name: Nature, Baby
it's Susan, my child's name
oh she's sweet oh she's cute
so princess-like so lovely
i bought you pink toys, honey

she likes to shop and she talks a lot
she doesn't like war games no she prefers barbies
I didn't tell her to do so

that's nature baby

You became a wife and now you are like Cinderella - weak and pretty
but it wasn't me that was nature baby
She is not the boss in her company because she's too polite
I didn't tell her to do so

Your girls' dream is to be supercute and superskinny
but don't blame yourself and don't blame me
blame the nature baby
it's nature that you are in charge for children and your man
evolution darling that there is a gender pay gap

that's nature baby
evolution baby
Track Name: Home
What is this place, you got here
It feels so warm it's so weird
this life might be worse a trial
I'll call it home and stay a while

ran away
ran away, found a place to stay
home home

I'd like to let you inside
but sorry I haven't cleaned up right
there's clothes on the floor and a man at the door
and booze by the bed and my flowers are dead

ran away
ran away, found a place to stay
home home
Track Name: Paradox
Don't fight with me
Or try to make me
someone I can never be
Change myself is not the key

This girl you want she's weak and lame
I don't ever wanna be the same
And she is not who you fell for
But now you don't feel for me nomore

You want me, I thought you want me

You want me to be a paradox


I should be more affectionate
And willing and passionate
I just don't feel enough
Or I don't try hard enough

Whom you want is an amazon
but in a bra and with make up on
Her riot's just accessory
The feminist of your phantasy

You want a girl that's free but by your side
let go but hold on tight
wild but bow to love
Strong but not too tough
Track Name: Models
Tv shows and yellow press
throw up images on you and me
pretending a reality of how we should be
stupid who believes in it
who does not believe in it?

how we should look and feel
how we should walk and talk
how we should love and hate
how we should eat and starve

Models don’t equal beauty

You are thin, always have been
there are many, you’re just one of them
You wanna feel special,
you wanna have control
Control with body and soul

Hands off! your finger’s down your throat
it’s off your hands, you loose yourself
a little less weight, less and less
And you’re gonna feel pretty
Is that what you believe?

Models don’t equal beauty

Obsessed with yourself
You start to disappear
Track Name: Stop telling
I don't believe in economy - this isn't crisis but normality
I don't believe in the price of things - I just see the mess it brings
I think if you're gonna eat their lies - you let them suck out all your life
I don't think these walls where meant to fall - but you've heard it all

Stop telling me you heard it all - you act like you never thought at all
Stop telling me you heard it all - if so why is your world so small

I don't believe in man and wife - this life won't catch me alive
I don't believe in boys and girls - all these rolls just make us worse
I don't believe in psychology - I'd rather fight reality
I think after all we're not that small - but you've heard it all
Track Name: Can't kill
I have done nothing but fighting
year after year after year after year
and all I get is scars and bruises
now I feel I can't do it no longer

now my looks can't kill any longer
and my heart doesn't love no more

we've all taken candy from strangers
we've all gotten drunk to forget
we've all carried each other home
we've all smoked that last cigarette
Track Name: Adam stole my apple
I never offered you an apple
This apple was mine just mine
A present from the snake my friend
Oh you must have been so jealous

Everything on this fucking world is yours
So you never learned to ask for shit
You took that apple by force
And told everyone I was asking for it

You never threw a stone
Cause your body's not a battlefield
Today I'm throwing the first stone
And I'm taking back my apple

Everything on this fucking world is yours
So you never learned to ask for shit
You took that apple by force
And told everyone I was asking for it
I wasn't asking for it
Track Name: Bottom of the bottle
from the ashes of our cigarettes - we rise like phoenix
from the bottom of the bottle - deep thoughts are rising
from the top of our lungs - we scream like maniacs
we're not sleeping we're not eating - we are keeping the feeling

we are never going home - no
we will never be alone - no

the itch on your skin is just the itch to break out
break your own rules - be your own fool
don't take what they sold you - tell them what you told me

can you feel the music
can you use it
can you dance like it's your last chance
Track Name: burn this city
this place broke every bone in my body
messed me up never put me back together
I wanna yell in their faces
erase my last traces and leave forever

I wanna burn this city down
I wanna tore their house down

all these bricks that no one's throwing
through the curtains that they're closing
I wanna throw the empty bottles of my memories
towards the souvenirs of their false history